Preference: He catches his balls in his zipper (requested)

Niall: You two were getting dressed to go out when you heard a yelp come from Niall in the bathroom. You ran in there and found him laying on the ground, clutching his crotch. You looked at him, puzzled. “My….balls….zipper” he managed to say through clenched teeth. You thought this was extremely funny but you tried not to laugh because Niall was clearly in a lot of pain. You knelt beside him and slowly worked his balls free. Niall’s face was flushed and he was still clearly uncomfortable. You got him an ice pack and just let him sit there with it. “Thank you” he said after most of the pain had subsided. You kissed him gently, still pretty amused by the whole situation. 

Liam: You and Liam were having a lazy Saturday. You had just watched movies and ate food but you had run out of ice cream and Liam was going out to get some. Apparently he decided he couldn’t go out in his pajama pants so he went to his room to do a quick change. Liam hobbled down the hallway a little later, jeans on, hand on his junk, pain present on his face. “What happened Li?” you asked looking at the odd sight before you. He removed his hand and under it you could see a small piece of skin caught in the zipper of his pants. You burst out laughing and Liam tried to laugh with you but it obviously hurt to much. “I tried to do it myself but I can’t….” Liam said quietly. This maid you laugh harder but you dragged yourself off the couch and over to Liam’s side. You pushed on the skin a little and dragged the zipper down, releasing Liam. He sighed deeply and you hugged him. “Maybe you should just stick with pajamas” you whispered giggling. 

Harry: You and Harry were out shopping together. You were browsing clothes and Harry was trying on some new jeans he had found when his curly mop of hair peeked out of the dressing room he was in. “(Y/N) get in here!” he said quietly. You were confused but you walked over anyways, joining Harry in the small room. Harry’s face was bright red, “my ball kind of erm got uh stuck in my zipper…” he said pointing to his crotch. You sighed and pretended to look ashamed of him. “Ok this is going to hurt!” you said grabbing his zipper tightly. You gave one giant tug and his pants came flying down. He gave a muffled scream of pain but you could tell it felt better now that his pants were off. “So since were alone and I’m already half naked….” Harry ventured quietly. “Oh you cheeky boy” you said laughing and kissing him softly.

Zayn: You were having a nice walk in the park with Zayn when you saw that his fly was falling down. You mentioned it to him and he quickly pulled it up since there were paparazzi all around. As he did this his face contorted with pain. You looked at him, worried about what had just happened but then you realized his balls had gotten caught and you erupted into giggles. He blushed a deep red and pulled you behind a tree with him, safe from the cameras view point. You helped him get his balls free and he sighed with relief. The next day you were online when you came across an article about Zayn’s mishap at the park. There were pictures of you releasing him from the zipper. You were laughing hysterically when Zayn came in, he saw the picture and buried his face in his hands. You hugged him gently and he even started laughing after a little while.

Louis: You guys were having a very intense wrestling match. Louis had been getting into it and his pants had slipped down a little. He got up in a huff and quickly pulled them up, re buttoned them and zipped up the fly. You could tell his balls got caught immediately. Louis looked shocked, he jumped up and ran around the house screaming his head off. You were curled up on the ground laughing your head off. Finally Louis stopped his screaming fit and he came over towards you, clearly in a lot of pain. “Here let me help you” you offered, starting to make your way over to him. “NO! I can do it myself!!! I won’t let your filthy hands touch my balls!” this made you laugh even harder. He worked for a long time, finally succeeding in getting his balls loose. Then he marched his perfect butt into the kitchen for an ice pack.     

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