Imagine with Harry you find him cheating part 6 (requested)

"Oh god, please no. Please no" you whispered quietly as you stared at the pregnancy test on the counter. It had been 3 weeks since you talked with Harry and you were also 3 weeks late. Your phone went off telling you that the time the test needed to register was up. You stared at it intently as a little pink plus appeared. You slowly sank back against the wall. This was the worst time it could have happened, you had told Harry you would never get back together with him again but how in the world where you supposed to raise a baby on your own at such a young age? You just sat on the ground rubbing your stomach thinking about your options. You didn’t want to do anything, you just wanted to lay on the ground and forget about this whole thing but you knew you couldn’t. You needed to speak to Harry about this. He was the father of this child and he needed to know what was going on. You walked out of Niall’s house with tears fresh in your eyes. As you drove to your old house you found yourself going as slow as possible, delaying the conversation you would have to have with Harry. You were also a little scared of what you would find. You had heard from Niall that he wasn’t doing well. Apparently ever sense you had left he had been falling apart, he got drunk every night, cried the next day, and then got drunk. You felt bad about how upset you had made him but he had cheated on you. As slow as you were driving you did eventually arrive at Harry’s house. You hated seeing Harry upset so you braced yourself for the worst. You knew if he was crying you would break down and you didn’t want that to happen so you took the time to steady yourself. You weren’t here to cry, you were here to talk to Harry about the predicament you were in. You slowly walked up the steps to the porch. You knocked quietly on the door, almost hoping he wouldn’t hear you. When no one answered you knocked again at a reasonable volume this time. Still no answer. You knew he was home, the boys had told you he hardly ever left the house so you didn’t know why he wasn’t coming to the door. You waited a few more minutes and then opened the door yourself. The house was a mess, blankets lay carelessly tossed on the floor, dirty dishes were strewn across the table, the tv glowed a dull blue because it hadn’t been turned off. You stepped over some spilled popcorn and switched the tv off before making your way upstairs. "Harry?" you asked timidly as you searched the rooms. Finally you found yourself at the only room you hadn’t looked in, Harry’s room. You didn’t really want to go in there, somewhere in the back of your mind you knew that’s where he was dwelling and frankly you were scared to face him but you had to. You opened his door a crack and peered in. It was pitch black in there but you could make out a few shapes because of the light shining in from the hall. Harry’s silhouette was laying on the bed shrouded in a mess of blankets. "Hi Harry" you said softly from the doorway. The mass shifted a little but he didn’t respond. You timidly walked inside and sat on the bed next to him. "I think we need to talk" you said shyly. It took a little while but eventually Harry got out of bed and made his way downstairs with you. He sat himself next to you on the couch and looked at you expectantly. You could see the hurt in his eyes, the sadness you had caused him. You didn’t know an easier way to say this so you just came right out, "I’m pregnant" you blurted. Harry looked at you in shocked silence. You didn’t have anymore to say so you waited for his response. "Pregnant? Is it umm is it mine?" he asked having trouble wrapping his head around the matter. You nodded somberly. You both stared at the floor for a little, unsure of what to say. Finally Harry spoke, "What are you going to do?" "I’m keeping it, but I don’t know if I can raise it alone" you replied, not wanting to meet his gaze. "I could help…you know with the baby. I still love you, I know you don’t forgive me but it’s our child and it’s my fault your pregnant so it’s only fair that I help, also I want to raise my baby." You just nodded quietly. Although this would go against everything you believed in it was what had to be done. "I will give you one more chance, not because I want to, not because I don’t think your going to screw it up this time, not because I forgive you, because I can’t do this on my own and it wouldn’t be fair to this child if it didn’t have a father. I will except you back into my life and we can have a relationship but I don’t know if I will ever trust you again. I never stopped loving you but our bond was broken when you betrayed me. Don’t think I’m just letting you off the hook because I’m not. You should treat this chance as a privilege! Don’t blow it." when you said all this you stared right into Harry’s eyes, making sure he absorbed every bit of information. Harry hugged you tightly, "Thank you, I won’t blow it I promise. I couldn’t bear to hurt you again." You returned the hug this time, enjoying the feeling of his embrace again. You were still unsure about all of this though, it was unclear to you if you could ever trust him but it was extremely clear that he still loved you so maybe it would work out. You would just have to wait and see. You still stayed at Niall’s that night, you told Harry he would have to start all over. You couldn’t just pick up where you left off. He would have to make you fall in love all over again.

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