Imagine with Louis he is your older brother (requested)

It was great having Louis as your older brother, he protected you but you didn’t really mind. You knew that if you ever got into trouble with anything Louis would get you out of it. The one thing that was annoying about Louis was we was kind of overprotective when it came to boys. He would let you go out with them and everything but he made it very clear to them that if they ever hurt you he would screw them up. You thought it was sweet but you were sure the boys didn’t like it so you wished he would lay off sometimes. Luckily for you though, he let you hang out with the boys. He trusted them so you could even be with them alone but the first time you met them Louis had told them you were off limits. You were fine with that for a while, you were just good friends with everyone but recently you and Harry had become kind of involved. You really liked him and he seemed to also. Louis didn’t know anything about it so he still let you hang out alone. One day Harry came over to your house when no one was home. You two were sitting on the couch together watching tv. After a little while you looked over and Harry was just staring at you. You smiled at him and was about to go back to watching tv when Harry grabbed your face in his hands and leaned in slowly. He just rested his nose on yours for a minute and then he tilted his head slightly and your lips collided. The kiss lasted a long time, Harry was pulling you closer to him when Louis walked through the door. “What the hell are you doing Harry?!” He asked obviously really mad. “I just erm well uhh your sister and I umm like each other” he said timidly. “I told you she was off limits!” Louis roared. “I know but we like each other and she isn’t a little girl anymore she can make her own decision.” Harry said. Louis was trapped with this comment he knew you weren’t a child but he also clearly was very uneasy about you kissing Harry. Finally he gave in, “Fine, but if let anything happen to her, if you hurt her in anyway, if you so much as make her feel a little upset, you will get the beating of a life time. Understand?” Louis said this and then sat down right in between you two so you couldn’t kiss anymore.