Imagine with Harry your dad catches you (requested)

You and Harry had just come back from a romantic dinner, you decided to go to your house afterwards because your parents were out. You got back and were just watching TV when Harry started kissing you fiercely you knew these kind of kisses and you smiled and returned them. Things started getting steamy and he removed your shirt, just then your dad came in through the front door which was right in front of the couch you were laying on. He saw you and his jaw dropped, Harry quickly scrambled off of you and fell to the floor. You grabbed a pillow and covered yourself up, you had no idea where your shirt had gone. Harry sat up off the floor, “Umm I’m erm sorry sir…she had uhh a grasshopper in her shirt and I was uhh removing it for her.” Harry said trying not to smile. Your dad was not amused he marched over to you and threw you your shirt that was behind the couch. You quickly put it on blushing a deep red. “What the hell were you doing?!” Your dad screamed at you, “You are too young for this, and on our couch?! Really, (Y/N) what has gotten into you?”  ”We weren’t going to do anything” you mumbled. “Oh right, that’s why I can see Harry’s well you know.” He pointed towards the bump in Harry’s pants. Harry went bright red and grabbed a pillow to put on top of it. The last speech your father had given was directed at you but now he turned to Harry, “And you, did I say it was ok to have sex with my little girl? She is young when I agreed to let her date you I thought you would take care of her!” Harry opened his mouth to speak but your father kept going “This is irresponsible of both of you, I bet you weren’t even planning on using protection what if she got pregnant? I only came home to grab a sweater for your mother and then I was going to leave but before I do I want Harry out of this house.” Harry sheepishly got out and mumbled apologies as he left, your dad glared at him the whole way out. It was the most awkward experience you have ever had.

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