Sexual imagine with Harry (requested)

You woke up to Harry kissing up and down your neck and jaw. He saw you were awake and locked his lips with yours, he laid down on top of you, straddling your hips. His tongue darted playfully into your mouth, exploring it, making you tremble. His hands held firmly to your hips and your hands were on his neck. It was getting to be a pretty hot make out session when he reached down and slid off your shirt, he sat up and took his off to and then started kissing down your chest. He made his way slowly to your breast and playfully sucked and kissed them. He undid your bra and threw it aside. You were moaning quietly now, enjoying every minute of this. Harry looked up and gave you a cheeky smile before kissing down your stomach. He slid your underwear down your legs and then stood up just looking at your bare naked body, he smiled at you and crouched down between your legs. He started eating you out putting one then two fingers inside. Your hands played in his beautiful curls as you moaned with pleasure. After a little while you could tell he needed release too, you pulled him up and he slipped off his boxers positioning his giant member in front of your slit. He thrust in with one fluid motion groaning as he entered. “OH HARRY” you screamed, he felt amazing. He grinned at you and went faster and faster until he was about to explode, “(Y/N)” he cried as he released inside of you. He fell back on the bed next to you, both breathing hard. “That was amazing” he whispered. You both spent the rest of that day naked just in case either one of you felt in the mood.

A/N these aren’t my favorite to write just because I’m so terrible at being sexual but if you want them you can ask and I will do them. Have a great day love xx :)

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