Shout out to Bo burnham for calling shit tf out


Shout out to Bo burnham for calling shit tf out

It’s really hard to make friends when you hate everyone.

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Oh my gosh part 4 was so good! Any idea when part 5 is coming?

Thank you so much! It only takes me like an hour to write each part I just need to find time to write. Hopefully part 5 will be up in about two days.

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I’m so glad you’re liking it :)

Harry Is Cheating (Part 4)

    You didn’t know how long you had stood there. Harry holding you hostage, knees buckling, Liam unconscious upstairs, fear coursing through your veins. You were staring into Harry’s eyes, watching waves of emotions crash over him and relieve some of the anger each time. His mouth relaxed some, his eyes began to droop again, you felt the grip he had on you slack slightly. 

"I didn’t mean to frighten you." Harry said, his voice was amazingly calm. "Can we please talk?" The question hurt as it registered in your brain. You didn’t want to talk, you just wanted to cry, but hearing the dejected tone of him voice you knew it would be wrong to deny him a simple conversation. 

"I need to check on Liam." You said, you knew Liam was ok but you needed to gather some strength before talking to your old boyfriend. Harry released his hold altogether and you walked upstairs to check on the bandmate he had assaulted. 

    It took you about 15 minutes to get ice for Liam’s black eye and lay him down in Harry’s guest room. Your plan was to let him sleep in there but when he found out that you would be speaking with Harry he insisted that he be in the room in case something went wrong again. You helped him to Harry’s couch since he was still a bit unsteady. Harry heard you moving around and he came out of the kitchen, ready to talk. 

    Harry wanted to talk on the couch, you directed him towards the table. You wanted distance between the two of you. He took a deep breath, his green eyes roamed over your face. You put on your most confident expression, pretending that his stare didn’t make you uncomfortable. You hated that even though he had hurt you you still wanted to kiss him every time you saw his lips. Finally Harry took a deep breath and spoke, “I miss you,” He said, “I really, really miss you.” You gave a small grunt in response, unsure of what words to say. “I know I screwed up and there is no excuse for that but I need you. How am I supposed to live when I know that the only person I’ll ever love isn’t with me anymore? Your on my mind all the time, please come back.” There was silence for a long time, it was your turn to speak, part of you wanted to tell Harry that you missed him to, that being away from him was incredibly hard for you. Part of you wanted to make him feel as bad as he had made you feel the night you caught him cheating.

"Was I the only thing on your mind the night you fucked another girl, Harry?" His face fell. He had put his heart before you and your words slammed daggers into it. You could see his soul bleeding. Liam knew this was the time to leave, he got up from the couch as quickly as he could and walked out the door with you close behind him. Harry didn’t move. 

    You barely made it back to Zayn’s house when you threw up in the bushes beside his house. Your stomach churned, you had never felt sicker. A cold sweat broke out on your forehead and different colors swam before your eyes. I didn’t even get my things, you thought, just before your body fell limp as you lost consciousness.

    White walls glared angrily at you from across the room. It took your mind a few seconds to piece together what it was seeing. You finally realized that you were in the hospital, Liam must have drove you there. You slowly sat up, enjoying the feeling of your back against the cool wall. 

"(Y/N)" You heard a voice say, you looked to your left and saw Liam sitting in a little chair by your bed, you hadn’t even noticed him. "You passed out, the doctor said it was just dehydration but there’s something else I need to tell you." You gave a small nod for him to continue. He fidgeted, his eyes evading yours. 

"What is it, Liam? Tell me." You were getting worried.

"(Y/N), the doctor says your pregnant."

A/N I’m sorry this part is so short but I wanted to make it shorter so that the next part can be longer. I hope you like it, feedback is always welcome. 

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Do you have a Masterlist if all your writing?xx

I have a link to my imagines here: but it hasn’t been updated recently, I’ll try to update it soon because I know that it makes it a lot easier to find my writing. 

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You’ll get it, don’t worry :) I’m glad you’re enjoying it

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Hi babe, when are you planning on uploading part 4?? I absolutely adored part 3!!! Your such an amazing writer! xx

Thank you so much :) I’m not quite sure when Part 4 will be up, I already have an idea for it I just have to find some time to write it. Hopefully it will be done in about three days.

Harry Is Cheating (Part 3)

Part 1:

Part 2:

    It had been five days since you found Harry entangled with another woman. You were still staying at Zayn’s house, he said he didn’t mind but you needed to get out of there. Every sad glance that Zayn or the other boys threw your way felt like a tight rope constricted around your neck. Early morning sun streamed into the guest room window. You peeled yourself away from the bed, leaving bits of sadness and decay behind on the mattress. You slowly made your way to the bathroom, you barely recognized your face in the mirror, dark circles spread far below your eyes as if they had been trying to climb to meet your eyes but collapsed from exhaustion before they got there. Your hair lay limp and weak, imitating your mental state. You didn’t think you’d feel or look this broken but Harry was your first true love, you missed him with every ounce of your being. Looking at yourself made you feel pathetic, suck it up, you thought to yourself.

    Hair curled, eyelashes coated thickly, dark circles concealed, lipstick on, today you were going to your old house to pick up your things so you could begin rebuilding your life. You knew you’d have to do this eventually but the thought of it made you sick to your stomach. You wandered downstairs, Zayn had gone out today but since everyone was worried about leaving you alone Liam had come over. You saw him sitting at the table, hunched over his phone. You let yourself occupy the chair that was across from him, he looked up at you with his brightest smile. 

"Morning, how are you?" Liam asked, talking softly as if he thought that if he spoke too loudly you would crumble in front of him. 

"I’m going to get my things today," You responded, ignoring his pleasantries. Concern reared up and knitted his eyebrows together. You shook your head slightly, signaling that you didn’t want his sympathy. "I’ll be going alone." You added. Liam nodded, you gave a small smile.

    You had been standing by the door for at least ten minutes, keys in hand, physically ready to leave Zayn’s but mentally unable. Your feet felt like led, the thought of lifting them made you tired and dizzy. You heard footsteps walking down the hall, your neck was stubborn and wouldn’t let you turn around to see who it was. A hand was resting on your shoulder. “Come on, I’ll drive you.” It was Liam who had just spoken. You wanted to go alone, you wanted to prove that you were strong enough to make it through this without someone else but you couldn’t do it. Liam slipped the keys out of your hand, grabbed your upper arm lightly and steered you towards your car. 

    You couldn’t ignore the stench that rushed out of your old home when you opened your door, the smell of rotting food berated you. You stepped inside, Liam following behind you, vomit threatening to abandon you, air eluding your lungs. Harry didn’t seem to be home, the air was heavy in the house as if no one had been here for days, you wondered if he’d moved out or if he was staying with Louis, you’d asked the boys not to inform you of his whereabouts. Trash was strewn across the living room, you hurried quickly past it, for some reason the mess was bringing you dangerously close to tears. You just needed to go to your bedroom and collect your belongings. You could do that, that was easy enough, right? 

    You made Liam enter the bedroom first, you didn’t want to be the one to push open the door, it would make the memory burn too brightly in your mind. With the door to the bedroom wide open you closed your eyes and went inside. Your breath caught in your throat when you saw Liam talking to someone who was encased in blankets on the bed. Harry. Liam looked over at you as you entered which alerted Harry to your presence. He looked awful. He reminded you of an abandoned dog, your heart sunk.

"(Y/N)" Harry croaked out, "I need to talk to you." You didn’t speak, you didn’t do anything. It was like this was a movie you were watching, you couldn’t do anything but observe.

"I don’t think now is the time, mate." Liam told Harry, giving him a sympathetic look as he did so.  You watched Harry’s face crash for a minute before coming back with a look of severe determination. Suddenly you were nervous and you didn’t know why.

"No, no, no, I need to speak to her right now, Liam. You don’t understand." Liam put a hand on Harry’s shoulder to soothe him but Harry brushed it off. "You don’t fucking know what it’s like to be without you, fucking talk to me, (Y/N)." His words made a dull thud in your ears. You tried to form words but it seemed as if your tongue was broken. "Talk to me!" Harry roared. 

"That’s enough!" Liam sad, matching Harry’s angry tone. Harry started to move, disturbing the stillness of the air, ripples spread out and made thei way to you, making you shiver. Harry’s eyes were fixed on yours, he was trying to get to you, all of a sudden you were nervous, Harry had never looked at you in this way before. Liam put a firm hand on his chest, barring his way towards you. All of a sudden you felt Harry’s anger swell, you tried to move as you realized what was about to happen but you were frozen. Harry’s arm drew back, a shout dribbled out of your mouth but it was lost in the sound of Harry’s fist slamming against Liam’s face. Liam crumpled like a rag doll that a child had dropped. You knew you had to leave, this wasn’t safe, Harry wasn’t himself. You turned to go and as you ran you heard Harry screaming your name. This was just how you felt the night you caught him cheating, your feet moving, heart pounding, Harry chasing after you. You were almost to the door when you felt a hand wrap around your shoulder and spin you around. You were face to face with the man who was the source of your tears every night. His eyes were blood shot, his mouth was a taught line, he looked nothing like himself. You were terrified.  

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When r u gonna upload part 3?

It’s coming today :)